Does Joke Really Hurt Us?


A joke is something which has humorous intentions. This manner jokes are humor. Jokes are an excellent and powerful tool which may be used to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. They’re great when heard at big comedy clubs from famous comedians or when sitting at the dinner table with your loved ones. Although the majority of the jokes we tell and listen on a regular basis are stated with great intentions, certain sorts of jokes can inspire bias and hate. These kinds of jokes are rampant in modern-day society and are bad for the groups they’re about. More about archangels salvation

Virtually every living person has partaken from the ritual of telling jokes which are prejudice to a group, whether it be enjoying them’innocently’ or sharing them with others. Among the most significant problems with these types of jokes is that people don’t understand that they’re causing detriment to the group that’s included in the joke. They appear to be lively and fun, but in case you really examine what’s behind those jokes they lose their allure. If some of those prejudice jokes were reversed and told about the opposite group, could they be funny in any respect?


A study conducted in 2007 on 73 male undergraduate students revealed that the use and propagation of sexist humor may promote sexist behaviour. Additionally, the study found that by using comedy, something interesting and socially agreeable, sexism itself became more tolerable and socially agreeable. The results of the study are almost shocking since we usually consider jokes as having no control over society in any respect, we see them as just entertainment. But just like everything we see and hear, they could have a huge and negative impact on how we handle an entire group of people.

It’s evident that humor and jokes has to be treated just like all things and must be used for good, and prejudice/hate shouldn’t be okay; even in joke form. These jokes have become such a huge part of our way of thinking and our amusement which they’re here to stay for now. But we could still combat the feelings and consequences generated by the history behind those jokes to take away their power.

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